May. 17th, 2012

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She died on monday, bless her heart. With my hand stroking her head and me telling her to take care of her brother, Jimmy.

Her tumor had gotten bad over the weekend. She could not eat very well even tho she was hungry. Right before the doctor had come in, she wa curled up on my lap with her head down. Such a sweet lovely girl, even at the end.

No other cat was more MY cat than Black Kitty was. I miss her. When I sit on the couch, she is not in her accustomed place on top of it above my head.

RIP, old friend.. I still can remember that time you were a teenager and you loved to sit in the window of my 2nd story apartment and bat at the moths, so one night I left the window open for you to play all night, then I woke up to find you missing and the screen popped out. How I panicked! I called Tifani, she came right over and said, I NEED TO SEE THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT, and I go okay, but we didn't see you anywhere. So we walked around the blocks, me and Tifani. Tifani soon said, LET'S GO BACK TO THE SCENE, and dispiritedly, I went. Looked closer. Peered between my building and the one adjacent. Saw two yellow eyes glowing in the darkness of the crevice. It was you, Black Kitty! You were waiting for Mommy to save you, you didn't try to run off! When I gathered you in my arms, the tears let forth, and I barely felt your needle-y claws slashing me. You were the clumbsiest little girl after that for many, many years because you were so afraid of falling. You loved the security of me and distrusted anyone else. And you thusly became my most specialest kitty, too. I heart you and will always miss you.


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