Dec. 25th, 2013 11:32 pm
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[ profile] connieandbaby got me thinking about perfumes. Rather than clutter her LJ with my notes, here is my soliloquy.

I have too many perfumes and too many that I still want. I'm not one of those people who finds one scent she likes and wears it her whole life, and one day her children will smell it randomly and think of her instantly etc etc.

Fuck that. I'm a product slut.


I love this one: Arrogance Mix Lime, Sugar, aka Lime, Zucchero:

This one smells like summer. Like I should be tan (or spray tanned) and wearing a summer dress and shoes that bare my toes. It's fucking delicious.

I have Hanae Mori Butterfly:

A former boyfriend smelled this on me and literally growled in his throat. That was a dead sexy moment that I shall never forget.

I have Calvin Klein Obsession that I bought on a whim in graduate school (too many years ago):

It's so strong. I've only used a 3/4 inches worth in all those years. One time my officemates were like, "Damn, girl, next time just wear 1 squirt, not two!" and I had only worn 1 squirt. <insert socially awkward penguin meme>

I have Banana Republic Rosewood:

Which I really like, but I hardly ever wear. Don't know why.

My mom and I both like Estee Lauder Beautiful:

It smells like your grandma, if your grandma smells like a cool old lady with a lot of style and excellent taste.

Apropos of nothing, I bought some Sand & Sable on a whim 2 years ago. Brought me back to high school:

I used to be so nuts about this stuff. I thought it was the best thing in the world. Smelling it now reminds me of how amazed at the world I could still be. Reminds me of 1988 when I was a freshman, sitting in the bleachers at a football game, with the band, holding my clarinet (fingerless gloves DO have a purpose, you know), freezing my arse off and feeling like a geek but knowing that it was cool anyway. These days I wear it secretly, like the way you play with barbies when you're 1 year too old for it to be cool. I pretend no one else can smell it but me, and if they do smell it, that god forbid, they can't put a name to it. (Am I the only one who does this???)

This one is probably my most enduring favorite: Lancôme Poême

This scent is so old, and so not-very-popular, that Lancôme doesn't promote it anymore. But on me, it is magical. If a law were passed and I were forced to choose only one perfume to wear the rest of my life, this would be it.

Funny story: I got a bottle of the Eau de Toilette in high school. I kept it forever and eventually ran out. So I went to the Lancôme counter to buy a new one.

Makeup lady: "Lancôme doesn't make Poême in an Eau de Toilette."
Me; "Well, they did before."
Makeup lady: "No, they didn't."
Me: "Yes, they DID." <pulls out empty bottle of Poême EDT>
Makeup lady: "Ohhhhhh, wooooow."

I still have that bottle.

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