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Apr. 1st, 2011 10:36 pm
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So, my alma mater (VCU) is apparently really good at basketball this year. They are in the final four and play against Butler tomorrow night. So yay VCU, go and stuff. Win that shit. Give mommy a happy birthday present.

And yeah, there is that too. Tomorrow I am 38. OH MY GOODNESS. At least when my birthday is over, people will stop reminding me that it's coming. D:


Feb. 25th, 2011 08:21 pm
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Today I blew off a party at work, where it turns out that I received an award, along with other members my little group, for our contributions to all of research & development. o_o I feel bad for not attending, but damn, I'm a mother of twins with never enough time on my hands, and mama needed new work clothes and shoes! (that's what I was doing while they called my name, oops)

The twins are going through a growth spurt. Or at least Megan is. She is eating us out of house and home. Around 6:30 in the mornings, I give her and her sister each a bottle of milk (my word for formula, as they do not consume cow's milk yet) and then she plays for a while, then 45 minutes later she cries for more food. Johnny gives her some veggie. Then she cries for more food. She gets more milk. By the time she gets to daycare, she's eaten half a stage 1 veggie and 9oz milk. At daycare, she devours approximately 18oz milk plus an entire stage 2 fruit, a whole stage 2 veggie+meat combo, and a 4oz baby yogurt. At dinner she eats at least 3T of cereal plus half a stage 2 veg plus 1.5oz milk, then about 3oz milk besides. Around 6:30, she is crying to go to bed. She has 2 teeth that I can see (both on the bottom, with many a swollen gum besides), and is still teething. Lindsey has a tooth on the top that I can see. At least I think I saw it.

Meanwhile, I ordered these dresses for their 9m photos:

adorableness )

Excitement is in the house!!!!!!! I plan to get some white and hopefully some black sandals to complement the dresses. A friend suggested getting some headbands too. I don't think the babys will appreciate headbands, but it's a fab idea.
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The babies turned 8m on Tuesday. And today, I finally got my ass into the gym. I went into it thinking, if I can just do 15 min, that's a start. I also went into it planning to "take it slow." I didn't want to hurt myself or set my expectations too high.

Thinking 15 minutes sounded like a lot, I set it for 30 min. So much for that. I guess old habits die hard.

I set the machine on level 5 when normally I'd do like a 9 or 10. I ended up at 6, keeping my hr at 140-159. Better than I expected.

When 25 min had passed, I looked at the timer and grouched to myself, waah! I only have 5 more minutes left then the machine stops, then I would have to re-start it and bla bla bla. You guys, that has NEVER happened to me before, never!!! Usually I am like, oh thank Christ, only 5 more minutes and then I'm done. :-o And this was my first real exercise in forever! Definintely the first time I have been back to the gym since becoming preggo, or more precisely, since being diagnosed with placenta previa in December 09.

Afterward, I was buzzing all over and feeling fantastic. Definitely will be doing this again soon.

I had long been wanting to work out, knowing it would improve everything in my life, not to mention help me lose the baby blubber, but my desire to see the babies after working all day is so strong that I had been putting it off at the expense of my physical and mental health. But I couldn't keep going like that. I'd fall apart!

Next time I intend to work out, I'm planning on an hour. I probably won't last that long, but the option will be there. I also have a new goal to lose 15lb before the babies' first birthday so I can be in the birthday pics and not be distracted/dismayed by these foreign blobs. Wouldn't it be nice to fit into my old clothes again? Wouldn't it be nice to fit into my old bras again? I do not like these D cups. They just aren't me.

You guys

Feb. 11th, 2011 09:26 pm
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Lindsey got this big rash on her forehead after dinner tonight. I'm worried it's a food allergy, although she has not reacted previously to any of the food she ate tonight (beef+beef gravy puree, carrots, peas, multi-grain cereal, all of which she has had before with no problems :?).

It didn't happen right away. It happened like this: She screamed and cried after dinner. Megan caught the hysteria and screamed too. Lindsey arched her back at the diaper change/pajama ritual. She was furious, it seemed. I gave her some milk and then she was fine. She finished the bottle, and since she was always a spitter, I reckoned she'd had enough (altho it seemed she could drink more). I put her in bed so I could give Megan her milk. Lindsey cried in bed a little, but then was quiet. Soon after, she cried again, so I figured I'd give her more milk. I got her out of bed after putting Megan down and then this shit happened...

pictures help )

One other thing was that I put some Neosporin on her finger because her fingernail had broken and was just hanging there, and though I tried to snip it off, it only seemed to tear and make her upset. Poor bairn! Next thing I knew, the fingernail fragment was gone and this big ass rash was on her face. Lindsey rubs her face as she goes to sleep - could she have rubbed the Neosporin on her face and it caused a reaction?? She is prone to rashes, for which the doctor prescribed Desonide.

I am calling the nurse in the morning, but was wondering if any of my mom-friends had any experience....btw her mouth rash is normal, I think it is caused by her Nuk. ♥
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Are we the only freaky-deaks who are giving our babies purees?

They eat rice cereal + 1/2 a stage 2 fruit for breakfast (separately, because this occurs at daycare), pureed veg+meat plus the rest of the fruit for lunch, and until recently, they would get a multi-grain or oatmeal cereal + fruit for dinner. I stopped that because that did not seem like a 'real' dinner at all. It felt wrong to give them that before bed, for some reason. Now, I mix a little cereal with veg+meat and give them that. Lindsey will eat about 5 bites. megan will eat about 10-15 bites. Previously they would gobble a combined 6T cereal, an entire stage 2 fruit and about 4oz milk for dinner. I just make a big bowl of it and alternate spoonfuls. It was all down the hatch from there. In addition, I give each baby as much milk as she wants before they go to bed.

Everyone is asking me if we're giving them finger foods yet. We bought some gerber graduates stuff for them to try, but the label says 'crawler' and I have not tried them yet, as they do not crawl yet. One time I cut up some dry toast for them, and all they did was play with it. Megan clenched it in her fist and got crumbs everywhere.
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I am in love with some new products...

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Megan has pinkeye and an ear infection. It will be interesting to see if we can keep Lindsey from getting pinkeye. Pinkeye is terribly painful, but luckily it was caught early. Her eye was not really pink, but she had pus. Apparently it is going around the daycare class, as another bear was also being picked up early for it.

The doc also said Megan looks like she may be getting a tooth soon. I looked in her mouth, and I did not see shit. We were told the same thing 3 months ago and nothing ever happened, so I'm not holding my breath.
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Sometimes I think if I were a plus size, I would have an easier time finding clothes that fit and look nice for work. Currently, I have "mommy body" which is not my normal self at all. My former size is too small, 2 sizes up is too big & looks sloppy, and 1 size up is not flattering. I have fatness in all the wrong places, and the things I would usually buy don't look right at all.

I don't bother going to the mall to find clothes. The mall in this town (Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem) has no inventory for me. I would spend hours on the weekends looking for work clothes and would come home empty-handed. Or else I would come home with a belt or a few pairs of socks. This is not good, people! First world problem, yes, but still a problem, if it impacts how I feel about myself at my job. And now that I have kids, spending wasting 3+ hours at the mall is not an option.

I just need to get up off my ass already and start exercising again. Especially since I am getting injured left and right by lugging around my two 17 lb turkeys.

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In the last 2 weeks, babies have sttn, both of them, THREE TIMES. I am just like, :0. What is wrong with this picture? Nevermind, I'll take my small successes and STFU before this shit changes on me.

I guess my victory feeling stems from getting dad on board with not giving them milk when they wake up. He's letting them CIO (incrementally, 10 minutes is his maximum). He works 2nd shift, so he handles the night feedings. I do not interfere with that, how he wants to handle the wakeups. They go to bed at 7 (on my watch) and wake up crying at 3a (his watch). That should be well past the time when they start waking up and then going back to sleep, according to Ferber. So they must be waking out of habit, which tells me that now they should be able to make it through the wakeups and go back to sleep.

Christmas tree is up, presents are wrapped, ReStore is coming on Monday to pick up our excess bad furniture, first Christmas is well-positioned to be great on all fronts. Merry Christmas, friends!!
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I am utterly ashamed about how many times I have been late paying my bills this year. :( I have paid at least 150 in late fees since this summer. I never had a problem keeping track of my bills until the husband took over paying the household bills. Long story about how he came to be in charge of that, doesn't matter.

I used to keep all my bills organized on a spreadsheet, then he took over and I abandoned that method for my personal expenses. Then the babies came, and all hell brakes loose.

Resolution: Bring back the spreadsheet; no more fucking late fees!
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Megan went to bed at 6:50. Mommy's good little girl! She was getting her last bottle, finished, cried and squirmed, then I swaddled her and put her to bed. She went out like a light.

Lindsey would not go down until 7:40. :0 She kept wanting to eat and stay awake. Go to sleep, baby girl! I mean, really. All this caterwauling about wanting to eat and eat (and I fed her) and then not wanting to go to bed, what gives?

I won't be attempting the "sleep training" shit anymore, for sure. What a disaster. Megan is going back on rice for her before-bedtime bottle. I calculated that she's getting approx half her calories during nighttime feeds. :0 Simply crazy!

Now mama has to make bottles for daycare, do laundry, fold laundry from today, and generallly do everything that Dad would have to do if I didn't. This frees him up to paint the living room, which he did a great deal of today. yay! It's so close that I can SMELL IT. Literally. :) yay, yay, yay!!
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It is September 27, 2010

tonight I did some light sleep training. I stayed in the room while Lindsey yowled. Megan was just put down and was falling asleep. Lindsey would yowl then settle, but this woke Megan up. Megan would yowl then settle, and Lindsey would wake up. This went on for half an hour. Lindsey went to bed at 6:30 and was asleep by 7. Megan went in about 6:50 and was asleep at 7.

Then both babies woke up at 7:40. Lindsey had spit up and needed to burp. I changed her clothes and back to bed she went. She yowled just a minute and then was asleep, and they are both still asleep.

It comforted me to a) be in the room as they figured all this shit out, and b) know that they will yell and cry out in protest as opposed to really needing something. I checked on them often enough to be satisfied they did not need something. Lindsey at one point did need to change clothes (probably didn't, but I did it anyway), so I changed her and down she went just fine.

My husband and I have different ideas about what will work. Sigh. He works the night shift with the bbiez, I do the bedtime routine. At least now he is not demanding that I put the babies to bed at 10 (shudder). But we talked some more and I think we are more or less on the same page about the protocol. Starting tomorrow night, I will put Megan to bed in the guest room where Dad sleeps. Lindsey will go to sleep in the nursery. When Megan wakes up, she will get a bottle in the dark guest room and then go right back to bed. No bouncer, no swing, no paci, no prop. Lindsey will hopefully sleep great in the nursery as she's been doing. When Megan learns to sleep better, we'll put her back in bed with Lindsey.

Tonight i made both babies go to sleep in the crib together. It really did not take long for them to settle, considering Lindsey was refusing to sleep in the crib at all lately.

Also, no more rice for Megan except for the bedtime bottle. It is not doing SHIT in terms of helping her sleep longer at night. Fuck that! (and fuck the GIGANTIC caca diapers that result.) Lindsey also only gets rice at bedtime. I told my mom tonight - I'm not giving them rice anymore until they can eat a bowl of it! Well, except at bedtime lol.
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The change in protocol yesterday wrt Megan's rice had a splendid outcome. Megan slept from 7-3am, ate 5-6oz, and then was up by 7 the next morning. :0 Lindsey slept from 7-7. :0 :0 I guess all that extra food before bed really helped. I will also guess that the rice during the day helped Megan sleep at night. My gosh, that child was waking up 2x every night. Not good!

Today we repeated the protocol. Megan got rice for every bottle starting with 11a and ending at the bedtime bottle. She was asleep in bed by 7p. If she wakes up, she will get plain milk, and ditto for the 1-2 morning bottles. Lindsey got her first rice bottle at 5, and was asleep in bed by 7:30 (she had one burp wakeup and then I put her in the infant chair, which is inside the portable crib, which is also in the nursery with Megan). I am guessing Meggie had about 19oz today, and if she has 1 wakeup for a 5oz bottle, then that makes her a total of 24. Lindsey met her quota today, I think.

Boy, if this cough is not what's causing Lindsey's distress about laying on her back, and she's just messing with us, then we are in trouble.

BTW, I had a trojan virus on my computer today. It is messing with my typing. Or else something else is doing it.

Soon as we get this sleep stuff sorted out, I will stop posting these boring updates. yeay!
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Bedtime routine stayed the same. Baths starting at 6, then top off bottle. In bed by 6:50. Megan went out like a light. Lindsey fooled us... she went out for a few minutes, and then demanded to eat more food, and ate 4oz on top of the 2oz top off. :0 Currently she is being consoled by dad, then she'll go back to bed. On the weekends, teh routine feels different even tho it's the same because Dad is there. I let him do the baths and participate in bedtime because he misses it all week long. After a whole week of rabid campaigning to put the babies to bed at 10, now he loves the 7pm bedtime too.

Megan's rice schedule has changed as of today. I am bumping her rice to earlier in the day, at the 11a, 2p, and 5p bottles. We hope that her long stretch without food will occur concurrently with sleep and nighttine. Before, it was occurring in the morning between 6a-12p. :0 no bb, we don't want that! Lindsey's rice schedule stays the same.. She gets rice starting at 5p and at every feeding that occurs before 8a.

Today we attended Johnny's company picnic. What a boring event. It was hot too. I just wanted to get the babies out of the house and do something together that did not involve sitting around and watching TV (which is Johnny's version of family time). Were it not for the ~speshul event~ then I don't think we'd have done anything.
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Well, if I have to do this every night, let's see if I can't be more concise.

I have decided to stop giving Megan the thickened formula at night. I think it is making her skip breakfast. She basically won't eat between 6a and 12:30p. :0 Instead, I'm going to bump her rice earlier in the day and at night she gets plain milk. Let's see if we can't move her fast to the nighttime.

Tonight we finished with both baths at 6:45. Then, instead of trying to put them straight to bed, I gave them a proactive top-off. Megan ate almost 3oz and Lindsey just wanted a few more sucks. Both babies drifted off on their bottles and I put them in bed, where they are right now. It was 7:00. Yeay! Both babies in one crib straight to sleep (knock wood, it's only been 30 minutes).

I wish there were an easy way to update this if a baby wakes up after I put them to bed. But I basically can't be bothered. So that much is going to get ~lost~

For your time )

Or maybe I can do this:

Recap of last night: Babies did not wake mama up before dad got home at 1:00am. Then they kept daddy up all night. :0
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I'm going to update my journal with notes on what happens. I can't remember shit anymore.

It's boring. Sorry.

Tonight Megan had her bath at 6:30. Lindsey was in the bouncer in the bathroom, watching. Megan finished, got dressed, and then switched places with Lindsey. Megan was soon ready to go to bed. Had to wait until Lindsey was out of the bath. Meggie started getting fussy. Eeek! I hurried up with Lindsey, got her out, was on the phone with mom at the time so I told Mom to talk to Lindsey as I put Meggie to bed. By then Meggie was full on fussy and did not want to lay down. Dammit! I hate that! I had to soothe and calm her a bit.

Lindsey was really a fussy fussypants. OMG. She still has a little cough, so I think that is why she is not herself. She got up twice since she went to bed, wanted to eat. :0 So annoying. She did this last night too. Tonight was worse.

In other news... )
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The sleeping saga continues.

One wrinkle I may not have mentioned yet is that my husband works 2nd shift. So when I go back to work on Tuesday, it will be me and teh bbgirls by ourselves from 5:30 or so until 1 or 2:00 am. This is one reason I am diligent to get them to sleep in THEIR bed, consistently, every night. Mama needs her sleep. I can't continue staying up until 2am when I have to be at work at 8:30, then work all day, then care for them until the wee hours.

So anyways... last night, Lindsey slept for 11.5 hours straight, from about 8:30-7. Meggie slept 6 hours and then awoke for a bottle, then went back to sleep for 4 more hours. This was beautiful progress IMO. I'm afraid to be too happy because it could all change tomorrow. Today was day 6 of this sleep-schedule-training. Since Lindsey is now sleeping for insane amounts of hours at night, she hadn't yet caught on that she wasn't drinking as much milk, so today, she cluster fed all day long. I was more than glad to comply, since I wanted her to get this sorted out without undereating too many days in a row.

Tonight, both babies went in about 8:15 and fell asleep. Megan woke up at 12:00am to eat, because she threw up a lot of milk and it was totally my fault. She had been clustering along with her sister, and after her last bottle, she was fussy and crying but refusing anymore milk, so I tried to "force" her paci, which she gagged on. A moment later, she vomited. Megan never spits up, so this was pretty dramatic. Normally if she does not want her paci, she will just not suck on it, or else will let it fall out of her mouth. Tonight she gagged. Then she threw up. I feel so bad!! But I learned an important lesson. She just now ate 2.5 ounces of thickened formula and will probably go back down soon (Dad's on duty, so we'll see...)
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The pediatrician has been pretty adamant that the babies need to start sleeping in their crib. All the mommies are like, no man, just let them sleep where they will sleep. They're too little to sleep in their crib. Don't worry about it. But Lindsey sttn the other night, and I felt it was time. Since that night, which was like, Sunday night, I put her in the crib to sleep, and now, that is the only place she wants to sleep at night. Megan, otoh, is a different story. She went down the first night okay, the 2nd night with some whining and me consoling her twice, and tonight, she won't go at all. She was asleep when I put her down the last time and she woke up crying a minute later. Earlier, she woke Lindsey up with her crying.

Megan is my "easy" baby. Lindsey is the more challenging one. Except on this sleep issue, where the roles are reversed. Lindsey hasn't sttn again, but she does go back in her crib after eating. I should mention that on the 2 nights that Megan went to her crib to sleep (albeit with some whining and/or needing consoled), she spent part of the day at daycare. At daycare, their naps don't exceed 1:15. At home, Megan will nap for 1:30 or more, and after almost every bottle. RARELY does either twin remain awake from bottle to bottle. They did not go to daycare today, so Megan napped her little head off.

Are the naps the problem? :? Are they sleeping too much during the day? Opinions are welcome! I sort of feel like Megan is not tired enough to soothe herself. Or is she just not ready? Should I have the same expectations out of the 2 babies? Just cause Lindsey prefers to sleep at night in her crib at this time, does that necessarily mean Megan is ready? Are they old enough to CIO? Not that I want to do that, especially since Megan can wake her sister up with her crying. So not cool at all.

The ped recommended that I watch the 2-4m.o. infant-sleeping podcast they have on their website. I'm glad to do it, and I happily paid $7 for it. Unfortch, it was paid thru paypal, and it will take 3 days for the payment to clear before I can listen to it. I'm still waiting for it.

The twins are 11 weeks old. Halp.
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I walked into day 2 of day care to pick up the girls. They are just doing partial days this week to get used to their new routine before Mommy goes back to work on Tuesday.

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Basically, we're having mixed results this week with sleeping in the crib, but the important milestone is... they're sleeping in their crib, not in the chairs or swing, and mom and dad can actually go to bed and not worry about them sleeping in props. :-0 this might take longer for us to get used to than it takes them!

Go mama

Aug. 26th, 2010 11:03 pm
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Today, for the first time, I took the babies out by myself. They are 10w2d old today. I probably would have attempted this sooner, but it's been so fricking hot that they get too distressed and it was not worth it. I did pretty well. I discovered that the bucket seats aren't going to last much longer, though. I don't intend to ruin my back by lugging them around in those as they will only get heavier. Sure, the snap n go is wonderful and amazing, and has been one of the top five baby gear items we have bought, but still. Originally we were going to buy 2 more bases so that we could take turns doing the pick up and drop off from daycare, but now I'm thinking we should instead buy 2 convertible carseats instead. Or whatever the hell you call those non infant seats. We're mulling this over for now. We have 2 weeks to make up our minds.

The trip to Vegas went swimmingly. If I'd had my way, we would have left an hour earlier on both the departing and returning flights, but it wasn't my way, so we were running thru the vegas airport to catch our plane. Not too sweet.
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