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We close on July 31st. One month later, we'll move in. Hope to have the kitchen re-done in the meantime.

Today was a perfect day. Had some amazing souvlaki pitas for lunch, ran errands, checked out DH's soon-to-be new car, went to the pool. Went out again to purchase items for 4th of July party at a friend's house. The weather could not have been more amazing. Do not remember a time in the past when weather was better than this.

We are so giddy about the new house. I, especially, am stoked, because I hated the last house so much. This was DH's house, which he still thinks was made of awesome, but I thought was ca ca. Did not think we would ever agree on what house to buy, but finally we did. It seems like a miracle. When we went to look at this house, i remember thinking "I would take this house in a second," despite the fact that it has a tiny kitchen, much wallpaper that needs removed, has a split foyer, and carpet on the floors. It was that special. When the price dropped significantly, I told DH about it, and he was quiet for amoment, but then said let's make a bid. My insides leapt into my throat, and I contacted our realtor immediately. The week between the bid and the final contract signage was total hell, but we got thru it, and here we are.

DH tries to sike me out, saying that the new house will be haunted b/c the lady that lived there, died in there. He has no idea if that's true. I said I'm not worrying about any ghosts, but he should be, for jewing her poor, sick, stroke-victim husband down so much on the price. He deflected this criticsm, easy enough to do. I said "remember that time I asked you if I was going to walk downstairs to find a racoon sitting on the table b/c you were leaving the basement door open?" and he said, "Now you will have a ghost sitting at your table." This is why I love him.


Jun. 3rd, 2009 08:39 pm
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We've received word that an offer for the job in Charlotte will be coming, possibly tomorrow. D: Why would this make me unhappy? He is happy, esp since the money is so sweet (not as sweet as my job, hehe sorry). I get weepy everytime I think about it. He drives me crazy but I don't want him to be away 5 out of 7 weekdays.

Come on, other cigarette company!! Bring ur game face!


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