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I'm married, fools. You can call me Mrs. Lee. It's strange to have a new last name. I still don't know how to draw it. Then again, I never did a very good job with my old last name. I have terrible handwriting. Will have to practice.

First thing I did after returning from the honeymoon was cut my hair. I love it. It's adorable.

I love my rings. The diamonds in my wedding band reflect light into my e-ring and make it sparkle 10x more.

The wedding was beautiful and classy, if I say so myself.

Lots of girls told me they loved my dress.

After the ceremony, I didn't give a shit what happened. During the first dance, I stepped on my train and broke the bustle. I didn't care.

Later in the evening, one of my friends spilled red wine all over my train on the dance floor - I didn't care.

Someone convinced teh DJ to let him do karaoke to Guns 'N Roses Sweet Child O' Mine. I didn't care.

My husband requested the Macarena and the Electric Slide (which I'm sure were on my Do Not Play list). I did not care.

Everyone sang along to Pour Some Sugar On Me. I loved it.

The bartender was taking tips. Before the wedding, I thought I'd be mortified by this, but now, I do not care.

Ten other things went wrong that I do not care about in the least.
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Had the rehearsal tonight (last night?) followed by the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal was like, so confusing. I kinda know what I'm supposed to do, but not really. I plan to fake it when the time comes.

By the end of the rehearsal, I was saying Don't bother me!! Nobody ask me any more questions!

For example, DOC wants to know if I want people sitting or standing during the recessional...? I don't care! I don't care if they leave! Just get away from me with your questions!

I'm not stressed, I'm just so sick and tired of helping people and answering questions and especially, making decisions. Everyone knows where they're supposed to be and at what time. Yet inevitably, they will be calling me to ask what time they should be here and there. I feel like an evil Bridezilla.

I'll be glad when it's over.
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Today I had my makeup trial. She did the foundation and everything perfectly. I wish she could do my makeup every day! The eyes, I'm not sure about yet. I'm going to experiment with some more colors. She put browns and pink highlight on me and I"m more a fan of charchoal and pink highlight. Browns bring out the yellow in my eyes while charchoal brings out the gray/blue. I ain't trying to have no yellow eyes.

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Feb. 19th, 2008 04:41 pm
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Yesterday was the review meeting with the officiant.  I also picked up my dress.  I think it's a little too big, but it can't be taken in anymore at the bust.  :(  I'd rather it be a little loose than to have backcrack or not be able to breathe. 

I had my hair trial today.  It looks good.  Saturday I'll tackle the makeup.

I tried to find some vases at the craft store and Target.  No luck.  I wanted some cellophane bags to put treats into for the gift bags, no luck on that either.  They had some plain ones at Target so I know where to find some if I dont' find any better ones.  I guess I will look online.

Tomorrow is the last regular season dodgeball game and we are going to get crushed.  The team we're playing is undefeated.  We've lost 2 games out of 6 and some of our best players will be out.  Usually I like to jump in there an play but the last thing I need right now is to get jacked on my thumb like last year and not be able to use my hand for two weeks.  My whole hand turned purple.  Some of those little men take dodgeball VERY seriously.  You should see them.  They're all scurrying up to the line and throwing cannonballs at girls' heads.  They're the only ones that give a shit because their small stature is a limitation in other sports. *snap snap*

Holy ass!

Feb. 14th, 2008 04:54 pm
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Tomorrow we're exactly 1 month out from wedding day...

DaisypathWedding Ticker

I am pretty excited, but I'd be a lot more excited if I could find a good makeup person....

I also need to order alcohol, which we're doing on Saturday and then taking engagment photos on Sunday. I have to call the Menswear store and ask them some questions. I need to find some bridal flipflops and a wrap for the afterparty. So much to doooo!
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I chose the double happiness flutes and I got them engraved because it was free. ha ha

I also bought a double happiness guest book (pen not included and I did not buy one)

and this card box

Mr. Tanks parents will appreciate the Chinese touches, I think.
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I have been putting this off forever. I kept hoping that someone would loan some flutes to us, but it doesn't look like that will happen. At this point I just need to get some. So I'm biting the bullet and going to purchase some.

flutes )

Engraving. Y/N? It seems sweet, but i don't know. They look nice without engraving, and they'd still be the toasting flutes we used at our wedding even if it's not tattood into the glass. Engraving's not always all that. Sometimes it looks terrible. Yah, I think I will skip that.
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I got an offer for a free engagement sitting and 5x7. I decided it would be a good addition to our guest book table, along with pictures of our deceased grandparents. For the first time, I'm beginning to envision the guest book table, and I got a lot of shit to do so I'm on the case. I call up Mr. Tank to see when he's available, and instead of complying, he's all agitated. The conversation went like this (me in italics)

Whaaat? huh? what's wrong
Why can't my dad just take a picture of us? uhhhhh
Why do we have to do this? for the guest book table. it will be nice!
Why don't we have our photographer do it? because then we would have to pay for the print, and they're expensive. this one is free.
I thought I'm the one that likes free stuff!! then why don't you like this?
I think it's a trap. honey, it's not a trap. it's only a trap if you let them sucker you into buying more pictures. if you let me handle this, that won't happen.
Nothing is ever free!! I don't want to do this. You should have asked me first!


Normally I would be in despair over this. He chooses the most inopportune times to stymie the progress I'm trying to make. But I'm starting to learn about why he's like this and it's because of his background. This is soooo very chinese of him. I just have to do a little more research before I can hope to get him on board. And even then I might not be successful. But I do have to control the impulse to get all stank and furious over his irrationality. That impulse is strong in me and so very destructive. :( To be fair, it's strong in him too, but I've noticed him making an effort not to go nuclear... it's touching, really. Two lovebirds trying not to peck each other's eyes out over small, nonsignificant disagreements.
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I had my first dress fitting today. This seamstress is the nicest person, and as it turns out, worked at Tiffany's Bridal for 25 years. That's where I bought my dress! She had to quit her job there because the shop moved to the West End and she could not get bus service there.

She did the complicated French bustle at first, and it was all lopsided. She said it wasn't going to be exactly straight because my train was so long. Luckily, i was advised to do an American bustle on account of the buttons that go down the length of the skirt. So she undid the French, and within 2 minutes had the American bustle pinned up. It looked so fantastic, it made my heart flutter!!!!!!!

When I got home, I received my cake server set in the mail along with 2 RSVP's. I got my first Accepts and my first Regrets. I remember laughing at this one Indie Bride who was saying how much the Regrets were hurting her feelings. "Just a cold check mark," she said. Well, this Regrets was not a check mark, this one had written 0 in the Accepts box and 2 in the Regrets box. I wonder how she would have felt about that.
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Just for reference:

DaisypathWedding Ticker

The latest project I've been trying to finish up is the registry. Or should I say registries. Speaking of registries, I am a little disappointed in Macy's. Their appliances are SO expensive. All the 10+cup food processors are over $200. Am I cheap, or is that way too much? Plus, I'm flipflopping on the wine glasses and barware. I picked some out from Macy's and Potterybarn websites, but when I saw them up close, I was not too thrilled. The potterybarn wine glasses were really generic and cheap-looking. Of course, they were cheap on purpose, because I'm famous for breaking wine glasses. But still, I expected a little better quality than what I can get at Linens N Things for $16, for example. That is why I think I should open a 3rd registry at Bed Bath & Beyond for things like, small electronics, wine glasses, bar ware, and sheets. BB&B sell the same wine glasses as LnT, and I've been using them for years, so I know I like them. I should stick with what I know, right?

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Aside from a shit-ton of drama surrounding the actual fabric of my dress, it is here. Long story short, the shop people had me believing my dress was silk taffeta. It's actually called "silky taffeta" and does not contain any silk, which of course I did not discover until afterI took the dress home. Anyway, on with the rest of my status report. In addition to the dress, I've got:

sparkly hair comb
bride shoes ordered
bra ordered
spanx ordered
OOT invitations sent
RIC invitations mostly assembled

Next big project is the package for the OOT guests. They'll want directions to places, restaurant recommendations, sightseeing stuff, and I plan to give them some Virginia treats (bottle of Williamsburg Wine, some Virginia peanuts, etc). I need to make maps too. I just downloaded Google Earth, but I have to learn how to use it foist. Dad needs ultraspecific turn-by-turn instructions. He's become a wee bit insecure, in his old age, about finding his way around in strange places. When he and Mom visit, he still wants help finding his way to my house from the highway, although it's not hard, and he's done it a bunch of times. He knows how to get to McDonald's at least. :D

That's all for now.
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I previewed my Neutral Milk Hotel song for him, and he was really not into it.  I figured this would happen.

So I previewed Van Morrison's "Someone Like You".  I love this song, and my mom suggested it.  Mr. Tank did not react favorably.

Then I previewed Etta James' "At Last".  Good reaction.  He recognized the song and likes it.  I have a slight reservation in that one of my invitees almost definitely used this song as her first dance (it's her ringtone), but I dont mind stealing it since we can both agree on it. 

Then I previewed Henry Mancini's "Moon River."  This got a GREAT reaction.  Mr. Tank likes this song, and hummed it all over the house after the preview.   

I guess we have a winner?  YEYYYY.  I don't even care that it's common.  I'm just glad to have a decision.

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This weekend the OOT invitations have to be sent.  In another 2 weeks, teh in-town invitations go out.


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Here's what Ive done since the last update:

  • Purchased the sand for ~unity sand ceremony~

  • Reserved the florist

  • Decided on cake flavors

  • Contacted dress shop - wtf is my dress?

  • Emailed a friend asking to borrow her cake server set and toasting flutes

  • Contacted caterer and requested that they deliver paperwork to site coordinator

  • Contacted insurance company for the insurance we hafta buy for event - it's $100 if the caterer procures our liquor license and $200 if we do it ourselves

Next, I need to:

  • Finalize my registries

  • Purchase my wedding band

  • Purchase vases for sand ceremony

  • Decide on flower scheme

unity sand

Dec. 5th, 2007 10:17 am
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We were going to do the unity sand ceremony at the wedding. But now I'm thinking it will end up being something that was "trendy in the er... oughties." I don't want to look back in 15 years and have this conversation: "oh you did unity candle at your wedding way back then? Aww, that's nice. We did the unity sand." And then people will snark and laugh at the wedding ceremony relic of "unity sand" that nobody does anymore. Then we will say, "Hey, it was popular back then!" This just bothers me y'know.

Mr. Tank is really into the idea. I hate to take this away from him, or spoil it. Does being cool really matter that much?

Here's an idea. We could do the sand ceremony, but not keep the sand vase beyond the first year of marriage. Either we'll sell the vase set (if we get a nicer one) or just use it for flowers. That might work. :(
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My wedding to-do list is growing smaller. Well, the 4+ months list is getting smaller. There is still a lot to do, but I"m getting almost done with hiring merchants. I will hire the baker soon, and then the officiant, and then I will have to hire a florist. I will need them for my cake decor and the "altar table" arrangements and possibly, the bouquets. Mr. Tank seems pretty comfortable about having to spend more than we planned, so if we're gonna do it do it right, I say.

I have a day-of coordinator now, whose services I am trying to purposely keep at a minimum so she doesn't develop into a real wedding planner.

I need accessories. I don't know if I want tiara, a decorative comb, a veil or what. I will need shoes and a good brar. I'll need to get a seamstress to do the fittings and make the bustle. Then I'll need jewelry. I still need to geta bridesmaid dress for myself, which I'm accidentally putting off. Be nice to get a dress for <100 but I may have to pay more the longer I wait. That's okay tho. Most of the maids I know had to spend at least 200 on their crappy polyester dresses and I can get a nice silk one from Ann Taylor Celebrations for 188? Yeah, you see the sensible solution.

I'm going to wait til January to buy the rings. I won't have the money until then, and I really want the 1/3ct channelset band i picked out at Jareds. I reeealy want my set to match and fit together b/c if it doesn't, I will hate looking at it.

not so bad

Oct. 29th, 2007 12:15 am
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Next week, I have some things TO-DO on my checklist:

  • officiant

  • cake

  • florist

  • day-of coordinating

Not so bad, eh? I feel like I'm in good shape.
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I got Black Kitty this collar with a little bell to warn the possums and birds that there's a predator in their midst. Not that I don't want her to have fun, I just don't want her to have too much fun and kill a rodent or a bird, which I would then have to clean up. But she thwarted me and learned how to walk without clanging her bell. I just saw her do it a minute ago. She walks without moving her head or neck, and very carefully avoids jostling the bell with her arm movements. It's the funniest thing.

I just did a search on "wedding favors for ides of march" and all I found was "worst wedding dates." Apparently, getting married on the Ides of March will bring bad luck. to that I say, pish posh! I'm glad I am not superstitious.
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Being on vacation, then coming home and dealing with a very sick diabetic cat, can sure put a damper on the wedding plans.

I booked the place I wanted, so that's done. The caterer and the photog we picked out are both available on our date. I have no reason to think they won't be great, so I only have a healthy amount of reservation. But I'm optimistic. You can make just about anything work if you want to. I looked at some dresses but haven't tried any on. I've checked out some invitations, which I will probably get from costco, along with my non-bouquet flowers. I'll price bouquets at this new florist shop in my neigborhood.

Mr. Tank happens to get a thrill out of supporting local business, and that's fine with me as long as I don't have any other designs. he he. The caterer is down the street, the florist is down the other street, and the photog is someone he knows. The photog, Dan Iott, did 2 of our friends' weddings and they are both happy with his work. He's less than 2K which, tho over budget, seems about the cheapest you can go for quality professional work.

After we seal the photog and caterer, then I'll get the DJ. The cake I'm not worried about just yet. I got a tip on a grad student who does cakes in her spare time. The most memorable wedding cakes I ever had were made by someone out of their kitchen. This was like 25 years ago and I still remember how luscious and decadent and rich and dullicious (lol sandra lee) that cake was. Oh, and somewhere in between I will look for a dress. I guess I'll need shoes and a headpiece. Also jewelry, and someone to do my hair and makeup. Dag, this shit adds up, don't it!!
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I finally got to look at Main Street. I hope Mr. Tank agrees to it. Fortunately, of the 3 places, this one is the least expensive. I'm hoping that will sell it for him. The pictures are hiding under the cut.

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Am i right or am i right. This place is teh bomb.
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