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Would you believe me and Mr. Tank had 4 litter boxes in use? 4 litter boxes for 2 cats. Previously we had 3, which is the correct number of boxes for 2 cats, but Mr. Tank decided we needed the 4th one we weren't using that was stowed under the stairs. It's one of those sifter boxes. I hate them. They are horrible to use. Since I am the one who always cleans out the litter, I decided this litter box had to go. Like right now. I don't want to just get rid of the litter and stow the box back under the stairs, I mean it could not be in this house or Mr. Tank might open it again. So now it is in the garbage, and all I have to do is keep him from noticing the box is missing until the garbage man comes.

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Tomorrow is the Richmond Marathon. We live right on the marathon route. We're hosting a party to cheer the runners, and by "cheer" i mean we'll drink beer, aim super-soakers at them, offer them little cups of water, and blare "You're the Best Around" and "Eye of the Tiger" from the Rocky soundtrack at them.

This also means that we have to clean the whole house tonight. Major bummer. I hate housecleaning, and so does Mr. Tank. He takes frequent breaks. So do I. Blehhh.
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This weekend was filled with an unusual amount of activity. Friday night we went bowling, which was not so much fun for Mr. Tank, as there was a light show and loud music. It worked for me.. it provided just the right amount of cover/distraction and I bowled my first 129 game. Saturday morning we went to the bank and opened our joint checking/savings account at the credit union. Afterwards we went to Costco, then found a ski swap where we got some equipment for SUUUPER cheap. I got some ice skates for $20, and Mr Tank got me some skis and himself another snowboard. Then we stopped at the Halloween megastore and got some more items for our costumes. Went back home, then I went back out to Target and bought a toybox for all our sports equipment. I stopped at the car wash which I've been meaning to do forever. Then in the afternoon, we played tennis. Saturday night was very leisurely - dinner, then lying around watching TV (me w/my nose in a book as always).

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