Dec. 25th, 2013 11:32 pm
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[ profile] connieandbaby got me thinking about perfumes. Rather than clutter her LJ with my notes, here is my soliloquy.

I have too many perfumes and too many that I still want. I'm not one of those people who finds one scent she likes and wears it her whole life, and one day her children will smell it randomly and think of her instantly etc etc.

Fuck that. I'm a product slut.Proceed )
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Finally, the weather is cooperating for me to make candy!! It's been raining FOREVER. Today and yesterday, we have cool, dry weather. I've been aching for this. The time to make candy is right now.

I made 2 things: Butter Crunch, my mom's recipe, and peanut butter fudge, my dad's recipe.

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Imagine yourself googling for that exact phrase. Because I just did.

Our big kitty, Buddy, decided to take a dump in the garage, step in it, and track it all over our carpets.

So I googled. I found a blog who suggested to use hydrogen peroxide on it. My carpets are fairly new, so I was not down with trying that. It may not have hurt the carpets, but still. If peroxide will bleach your hair, I don't want to find out empirically what it will do to my carpet.

I did, however, chance upon this stuff my dad told me to buy:

I should qualify the reason I chose to use Totally Awesome to clean feces out of my carpet. We don't have much cleaning stuff around the house. Aside from laundry essentials (detergent, borax, fabric softener, and bleach), I have infused vinegar that I use to clean the girls' dinner table. I have Meyer's Clean Day lavender all-purpose cleaner, which is not approved for carpets. I have Murphy's oil soap, Comet, and Goo Gone. I might have some toilet bowl cleaner stashed beneath the sink in the bathroom, along with some very old Scrubbing Bubbles. We outsourced housekeeping when the kids were born, realizing that 2 working parents plus 2 same-age kids plus 2 cats plus a house meant that deep cleaning wasn't on the short list of things to do.

So I mixed up 1/2 a cup of Totally Awesome in a gallon hot water, gave my husband a cleaning cloth, and went to work.

Five minutes later, poop is all gone and we're back to watching TV.


Dec. 5th, 2012 11:27 am
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How to know when you're being catfished:

1. If an online friend refuses to talk on the phone or on skype, you're being catfished.

2. Your online friend says they love you, but the dont want to meet you. Or they have a million excuses why they can't meet you. You're being catfished.

3. If an online friend claims to love you and wants to have 10,000 of your babies but refuses to give you their home address, they're probably married or living with somebody. You're being catfished.

4. Your online friend looks gorgeous in their photos but can't ever talk on the phone or skype because they are traveling/a model/no cell service/ad nauseum with the excuses... You are being catfished.

Nothing will keep a person away from someone they love and want to be with. If that person actually loved you, they would be like, "Here is my phone number. Call me anytime. We will talk. Here is my address. Please come visit me. I would love to BE WITH YOU IN PERSON. I want you. Get here!"

Can we stop being dumb and native already?
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It starts like this: Make decision to go outside.

It's not just something you decide to do and then do, it's a process when theres 2-year-olds involved.

These are the steps.
Need sunscreen. Also a bra. Grab sunscreen on way to get bra. Change mind about bra and put on shorts and bikini top instead.

Head to get babies, who are downstairs. Get coffee in paper cup along way. Someone pooped, so grab diaper and the wipes and change baby downstairs. Easier than dragging everyone upstairs. Get halfway up split staircase and realize have left coffee downstairs and the sunscreen upstairs at opposite end of house. Get both, pausing only to blow noise for the fifteenth time that morning. Bess u, says my child. Thank you, child.

Now we are almost ready. Need flipflops and sunscreen. Go outside to discover the other baby has pooped. Cat has also escaped. Get cat back inside, babies also. Instruct baby #1 to stay put while you change sisters diaper.

Go upstairs to changing table, begin removing poop diaper and suddenly realize wipes are downstairs. This is mushy shit too, and be not in the mood to bathe poopy baby if she touches it. Say, stay here and dont move! , then dash into kitchen for wet paper towels.

go back outside. Tell cat to keep his ass inside. Begin putting on shoes and sunscreen. Need to blow nose again. Do sunscreen first. Grab tissues from kitchen. sit outside while babies play with water and douse you occasionally (ie 100 times per 15 minute interval).

Yay, thats going outside or my name aint Mommy.
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Can I just say I love children's museums?

Can I also say I hate how they get the girls so excited that they wont take a proper nap?

Today was hectic, tiring and enjoyable. Our friend linda gave them a new magnetic drawing board, a cat keyboard that plays songs in addition to being a keyboard, and some new Hello Kitty outfits. They were in heaven all day long.
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I made my first herbal-infused vinegar cleaner today. I had my doubts, but it smells delish, is super fun to use, and it works GREAT. I am never buying another all purpose cleaner or window cleaner ever again. No more huffing chemicals to get things clean and sanitized.

Crunchy cleaner:

1.5 cup white vinegar
bunch of fresh mint

Place into a clean jar with a lid. Let it sit for 2 weeks. Shake once a day. Once infused, strain with a coffee filter into a spray bottle (i got mine at dollar tree and they are awesome spray bottles ngl). Add 1 cup fresh white vinegar and 40 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Shake well.

Voila. This makes your very own eucalyptus-mint all-purpose cleaner~ Enjoy spraying and wiping everything you can think of because it is made of awesome and smells soooo good.

Acknowledgements: for the oils for the bulk herbs

Crunchy Betty for the recipe~
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She died on monday, bless her heart. With my hand stroking her head and me telling her to take care of her brother, Jimmy.

Her tumor had gotten bad over the weekend. She could not eat very well even tho she was hungry. Right before the doctor had come in, she wa curled up on my lap with her head down. Such a sweet lovely girl, even at the end.

No other cat was more MY cat than Black Kitty was. I miss her. When I sit on the couch, she is not in her accustomed place on top of it above my head.

RIP, old friend.. I still can remember that time you were a teenager and you loved to sit in the window of my 2nd story apartment and bat at the moths, so one night I left the window open for you to play all night, then I woke up to find you missing and the screen popped out. How I panicked! I called Tifani, she came right over and said, I NEED TO SEE THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT, and I go okay, but we didn't see you anywhere. So we walked around the blocks, me and Tifani. Tifani soon said, LET'S GO BACK TO THE SCENE, and dispiritedly, I went. Looked closer. Peered between my building and the one adjacent. Saw two yellow eyes glowing in the darkness of the crevice. It was you, Black Kitty! You were waiting for Mommy to save you, you didn't try to run off! When I gathered you in my arms, the tears let forth, and I barely felt your needle-y claws slashing me. You were the clumbsiest little girl after that for many, many years because you were so afraid of falling. You loved the security of me and distrusted anyone else. And you thusly became my most specialest kitty, too. I heart you and will always miss you.


May. 8th, 2012 07:55 pm
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The girls are getting into each other's cribs. It's happened three nights in a row. Right now I think they are doing it again. It's funny, but I hope they dont get the idea to climb out to the floor. We have mats on the floor outside each crib, just in case.
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"How are you doing today?" This question has only one answer for most people that ask it. What if its a really glum day where you just found out your beloved pet has cancer? Today I lied and said I was fine about 5 times over. Kept wishing people would be satisfied to just say hello.

I know people mean no harm. But what a bullshit question. Because I have no intention to go around telling the truth about how I've been fighting tears, how its NOT a fine day, I am NOT okay, and I can't even talk about it without crying. So you make me feel like shit for saying i'm fine when i'm really not.
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It is official. Her ex Emilio says he hopes she has a miscarriage. This is the douche from the Miami season who "jokingly" told her whilst smash-faced that he'd just had sex with another girl. Same winner who threw an absolute fit when she reported having had fun at gay pride week with JWOWW.

Let's not go there about snooki's crazed freakout in the italia season when jionni stormed off after Snooks flashed her panocha in a club. Or how she threw a 1.5L wine bottle with surprising accuracy and velocity at the situation's head. Bitch can hurl a wine bottle, yo.

Dammit, I like Snooks. She's drunk and stupid, but charming.

This post hereby proves my Jersey Shore fluency. I am not ashamed. To each their own, yes?


Mar. 2nd, 2012 03:18 pm
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Next week is the last full week of work for some folks. Nobody knows who will stay or go. Layoffs begin 3/12, or rather the week of. The hysterical thing is, everyone in my group has been busier than bird dogs lately. It makes no sense. we will just have to wait n see what happens. :/
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Can I just say Dr Drew is a major douche? He is. I cannot stand him, seriously. He just said on Teen Mom 2 finale special that parents of twins usually don't make it thru their marriages. I didn't look it up, but I will bet my last dollar that that is bona fide bullshit right there. He spots it all the time, this bullshit, and him the father of triplets, even. fuck him.


Jan. 21st, 2012 08:36 pm
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I'm so tough. Lindsey slept in my bed with me last night.


Also trying out the lj app on my new phone, which rocks by the way.

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Streaming Netflix is the best thing ever. Seriously. Between my husband and me, we have over 200 titles in our instant Q. There are so many shows on there that it's hard to even find anything. My husband spends as much time adding to the instant Q as he does watching shows or movies.

Netflix makes you wonder why you didn't watch One Tree Hill when it first aired. It's no Dawson's Creek--actors not as goodlooking, set not as realistic, Bethany Joy Galeotti is no Katie Holmes--but it's mildly entertaining. And then you remember there are no commercials and you can watch episodes back to back. Then you feel like a genious for not watching it in 2005 on the WB.

ilu Netflix ♥
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Megan visited the ER last night for suspected cellulitis, a diagnosis which quickly changed to fifth disease. This is what her labs say:

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Nov. 11th, 2011 07:44 pm
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Lindsey just went and closed the baby gate. Then she beamed at me while I praised her. Safety first, right mama?

tonight and every night's bedtime routine: put on pajamas, comb our hair if it's wet, get our teeth brushed, then I say "let's go get foo-foos" and we all troop into the kitchen for 2 paci's apiece, then I say "time for bed" and they troop into their bedroom, passing by all their toys and resisting the enormous temptation to explore my bedroom. In their room, they each wait their turn to be put in bed. It's not always flawless, but when it is, man, I'm freaking PROUD. One thing daycare has taught us above anything else is that baby can be taught to follow a routine, and they're very good at it. I know I sound like I fell off the turnip truck just now, but it still amazes me how much they enjoy knowing what is next.
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Just went shopping online for long pants for the girls.

Decided they have enough pants for now.
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Bless our hearts..

Megan on the left.. waiting for much food in the form of strawberries and blueberries.... and Miss Lindsey on the right, waiting for her daddy to deliver her from something, we don't know what...something fruity!! We are voraciously hungry for fruit!! Nom Nom nom.
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The babies are stirring quietly

Just finished my first coffee

Just opened my new Sony Walkman mp3 player I bought with company award points

Slept 10 hours last night (early bedtime due to ear infection)

It's Friday

Happy weekend to you! )
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